In Brief

This blog, begun by Nichol Caddingham in the spring of 2009, provides guidelines for achieving modern gentility. This, he feels, is accomplished by embracing the amenities of contemporary living without discarding the social graces of our forebears: If his great-grandfather could control a horse and tip his hat to a passing lady, Mr. Caddingham can, at the very least, refrain from giving the finger to the driver in the vehicle next to his.

Modern Gentleman provides no hard-and-fast rule other than that this way of life is an individualized process of self-improvement wherein one mustn’t model his life after another but aspire to be the best version of himself, however he defines that.


One response to “In Brief”

  1. Lauren Fiske says :

    You are fascinating. What is this blog for? Please tell me- who are you? What are you doing? I would like to network.

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