Hacking Jacket

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The most prominent style of sport jacket is the hacking jacket. This jacket is commonly worn for equestrian events of various types, such as horse shows, fox hunting, and pony club. Originally this jacket was meant to be an informal knock-about type jacket for informal “hacks,” a term synonymous with trail ride. These days, hacking jackets have a somewhat formal reputation about them, though it is still designed for the business of riding. This fact is demonstrated by its distinctive features:

  • Slanted waist pockets provide security to their contents, ensuring that personal belongings do not fall to the ground while the equestrian is leaning forward in two-point (horseback riding) position.
  • A single or double vent (flaps) in the rear allows for comfortable seating while astride one’s mount. In the most handsome versions, a third “ticket pocket” is included just above the right hand waist pocket, the origins and exact purpose for which are a little unclear.
  • Finally, at the top of the lapel is a throat latch — an extra button and hole — so that, on a particularly fresh day, one can button out a chilly breeze.


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