Gentlemanly Inspiration

In recent years, our communities have become cultures that are defined by pessimism and fear rather than the curiosity and adventurous spirit of those gentleman who have preceded us.  A stranger on the street is now a potential threat instead of a potential friend; a skinned knee that was once the badge of a healthful childhood is now a reason to close playgrounds and sandlots; a bicycle ride around the block has been replaced by the relative safety of large and obtrusive automobiles.  However, for every new experience and risk and adventure that we forego for the sake of safety, we rob ourselves of those magical moments upon which life is worth reflecting.  The risks of an unadventurous life are far greater than the alternative.

The antidote for this malady of modern gentleman is of course to deliberately seek out the adventure of new experiences and to take risks in doing so.  My advice is to learn to do the things that scare you the most—rappel off of a cliff, perform a back flip off of a diving board, ride a bicycle with no hands, speak to a large crowd, or handle the honeycombs of a populated beehive.  If you are like me, you will require the consolation that can be found in the words of people worth looking up to.  I have gathered together some quotes—said by people who have have, at one point or another, given me inspiration during a challenge, or comfort during a failure.



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