The fall leaves, still clinging to their branches, have only recently begun their change to the brief and brighter stage of their life cycle. However, in large parts of the US, the specter of winter has already begun to darken the skies and lighten the surface of the earth. The Northeastern United States now finds itself buried beneath heaps of snow — prematurely, many would say — and frustration and misery abounds. However, not all regard winter storms with ire.  What child would turn her/his nose up at a day off of school to sled and throw snowballs? Teachers, I am sure, listen just as carefully to the morning school closings, hoping and praying for a day’s reprieve.  Is there a puppy on earth that doesn’t live to romp in the deep drifts of a fresh snow? However, I think no one looks forward to the first fall of snow more than a skier.

A gentleman should welcome snow and, at least once, give the exhilarating sport of skiing a try.

Hopefully my photographic history of skiing will inspire you ::

In 1970, Slovenian ski jumper Vinko Bogataj went down in history for his ill-fated attempt in Oberstdorf Germany. The video of his crash became known as The Agony of Defeat, which served as part of the opening of Wide World of Sports.

The crash left Bogataj with no serious injury. He currently lives a quiet and happy life in Sovenia.

Next week I will share the story of a gentleman who chose to ski only where eagles my dare.

*  *  *  *  *

For further reading on how skiing might change a gentleman’s life, I recommend Seven Years in Tibet by Heinrich Harrer, which was published in 1952.


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