Sport Jackets: Styles

As the days begin to shorten, the air grows cooler, and fall leaves begin to litter our footpaths and bridleways, a gentleman knows that the season for more formal attire is drawing near. Cooler weather allows for waistcoats and watch fobs.  The opera season invites dinner jackets and black ties in the evening. And most excitingly, the tweed of a sport jacket becomes a necessary protection from the elements we encounter in the field.

It is terribly imprecise to simply say sport jacket, however, as the term is as general as saying automobile. Certainly one wouldn’t take his Austin-Healey to the stables, nor would he drive his Land-Rover to a symphony. A gentleman should be familiar with the the many forms and purposes of sport jackets so that he may select the appropriate one for his sporting engagement. This is not only an issue of style, but one of function. I will share with you some of the details and differences between three types: hacking, Norfolk, and shooting.


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