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Homesick Toast

I’m making this tomorrow morning.

Simple Provisions

Homesick Avocado on Toast

I have fully embraced the New York breakfast of boiled dough spread thick with an inch of cream cheese.

Bagels fuel the working week in NYC. Every Tuesday at work there is a long meeting that uses bagels to lure people in. We take turns in bringing the bagels, which means we start each meeting dissecting today’s batch, comparing them to the reigning favourite provider. If you bring sub-par bagels, you put productivity in jeopardy. These chewy rolls demand respect, and I’m happy to give it to them.

But sometimes, I miss Australian breakfasts.

A thick slice of toast smothered in creamy avocado and spiked with fresh herbs and citrus is happiness on a plate to me. It tastes like home, or, more specifically, a menu item at one of my favourite cafes in Melbourne. So when I feel a longing for Australia, I make Homesick Toast.

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G40 Murals Final Edition.

I did not know Richmond, VA, had such great street art … my favorite is the one featuring a tortoise, for obvious reasons.

What I See Right Now.

Over the past couple of weeks I managed to get photos of all (I think) of the murals around the city.  So finally today is the last (probably) installment of this G40 Art…unless more murals show up.


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DIY Wall Bike hanger.

very cool.

The illustrations of Kyle Wilson

This is a no frills/straight forward guide for those of you looking to make your own wall mounted bike hanger but don’t feel like spending a bunch of dough.

Let’s Start.

WOW, I can’t believe how much attention this is getting, thanks everyone!

I’m on the 2nd floor, no one will be stealing my bike through the window ;)

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Amber Fort Is The Best Argument Why Jaipur Is Not Just The Pink City

stunning photos of a beautiful place.


Amber Fort sits like a crown atop the shallow Maota lake

The facade of Amber Fort and the Ganesh Gate

The courtyard

The palace garden, cause way or char bagh style, is kept lush and green despite the frequent lack of water

The rugged terrain leading to Jaigarh Fort. A tunnel connects the two forts

The meandering walk ways, Maota lake and garden seen from above

The ruins in and around the Amber Fort

Centuries old mirror inlays on walls of the Mirror Palace or Sheesh Mahal glisten up until now. Five hundred years old and shining.

The typical floral inlay and Indian art on the ceilings

Fortified walls of the fortress depicting the traditional dome and chattri seen in typical Rajashtani architecture

One of the many labyrinthine entrances in the fort

The courtyard framed by a window

It was a humid and cloudy afternoon

The rocky knoll framed by…

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Everything You Don’t Need And Can’t Live Without

I’d never thought to go to a tag sale abroad … great idea.


In English, terms like into attic sales, flea markets, secondhand, garage sales, car boot sales, all mean cheap prices on used stuff.  In French, terms like brasserie, vides greniers, marche aux puces, brocantes, all mean about the same thing.

In 1754, Carouge, just beyond Geneva’s city limits, was granted to Victor Amideus, King of Sardinia.  It became a refuge for Catholics, less puritanical Protestants, and even Jews.  Its streets are laid on a grid pattern with lots of trees and planters.  The city has low Mediterranean style buildings and interior courtyard gardens.  We like to go for a stroll there and aren’t the only ones.  It’s become a trendy ‘hood.

Some people have a problem with buying or using people’s old stuff.  I have no such compunction and am a sucker for these sales.   This one didn’t have much furniture (which is fine because I…

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Superhero-free solutions to everyday problems

as though I needed another reason to have dumplings delivered.

uma sueca

Today I managed to lock myself INTO my friend’s apartment. With the key securely inserted and forgotten in the key hole on the outside of the door, the lock did not budge from the inside. My first instinct was to call someone to come and remove the key, but with friends at conferences, work meetings and graduation ceremonies, that option eliminated itself. Being in New York, I also contemplated a spider-man style rescue mission, descending through the outside. However, located on the 4th floor (with a rusty 19th century fire escape), I quickly ruled out attempts to exit through a window, with or without spider man. The situation demanded a superhero-free solution, which is why I called Dumpling Man and ordered delivery. The delivery man was persuaded to remove the key from the lock, and not only did he save me, he also delivered the best dumplings in NYC. A…

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Thyme Lemonade

perfect for summer … perhaps mixed with a bit of gin.

Mama's Gotta Bake

As I was driving down the main thoroughfare in my community today, I spotted a group of kids, I would say about 10 or 11 years old, yelling and waving frantically at me to stop.  They had set up a lemonade stand with an array of handrawn signs, on the corner of this particular intersection. How could I drive by this group of young entrepreneurs without purchasing the product that they had obviously spent hours concocting. I would be forever known as “the mean lady”.

When I pulled over to the curb and got out of my car, I could see sighs of relief on their tiny faces. Yes! A customer. I ordered up a glass of their homemade brew, and when I opened my wallet to pay, I realized I had just blown my entire wad at the supermarket on this evening’s dinner.  Oh geez, was this really happening…

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