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Some Gentleman Cannot Choose Their Battles

“Forgive me, my friend, that I led thee to seem as mad as myself, making thee fall into the same error I myself fell into, that there were and still are knights-errant in the world.” — Don Quixote

I return this week with tales of my adventures abroad.


St. Louis

A modern gentleman is leaving now for a weekend in America’s greatest city.

If you need him, he will be the man drinking a Schlafly and eating an Imo’s Pizza under the Arch.

To Walk or To Ride?

The story of the 25th Infantry’s bicycle trip from Montana to Missouri in 1897 is certainly interesting.

NOW shall I walk

Or shall I ride?

“Ride”, Pleasure said;

“Walk”, Joy replied.

— WH Davies

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Everything You Don’t Need And Can’t Live Without

I’d never thought to go to a tag sale abroad … great idea.


In English, terms like into attic sales, flea markets, secondhand, garage sales, car boot sales, all mean cheap prices on used stuff.  In French, terms like brasserie, vides greniers, marche aux puces, brocantes, all mean about the same thing.

In 1754, Carouge, just beyond Geneva’s city limits, was granted to Victor Amideus, King of Sardinia.  It became a refuge for Catholics, less puritanical Protestants, and even Jews.  Its streets are laid on a grid pattern with lots of trees and planters.  The city has low Mediterranean style buildings and interior courtyard gardens.  We like to go for a stroll there and aren’t the only ones.  It’s become a trendy ‘hood.

Some people have a problem with buying or using people’s old stuff.  I have no such compunction and am a sucker for these sales.   This one didn’t have much furniture (which is fine because I…

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The Legacy of Velocipedes

Ride to work, sure, but don’t forget to ride to play!

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The Life and Death of a Ballad

A modern gentleman is a cultural preservationist.

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A Fish in the Hand

Sometimes victories are best kept small.

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