Social Experiments

The things I like most about this chart are that it is ridiculously simplistic, a .gif and made in Microsoft Paint.

A modern gentleman has conducted economic research, using himself as a test subject. He has come to two conclusions:

  • After living in a cooperative with seven other graduate students, a modern gentleman learned that communism only works if everyone in the microcosm is communist. If even one person does not espouse the ideology of “share and share alike,” all of the spoons will end up locked away.
  • For the last year, a modern gentleman has toyed with platonic prostitution, extrapolating a theory he had as a restaurant critic for the Palm Beach Post (“Only fools pay for their own food”). Basically, he thought of his life in terms of billable hours, taking on any task that introduced revenue or finding a way to make money at unavoidable tasks and minimizing activities for which he did not benefit financially — directly or otherwise. He also endeavored to eliminate those that actually cost him money. A modern gentleman has learned that this is no way to live in the long term, but there are definite short-term advantages.

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