Superhero-free solutions to everyday problems

as though I needed another reason to have dumplings delivered.

uma sueca

Today I managed to lock myself INTO my friend’s apartment. With the key securely inserted and forgotten in the key hole on the outside of the door, the lock did not budge from the inside. My first instinct was to call someone to come and remove the key, but with friends at conferences, work meetings and graduation ceremonies, that option eliminated itself. Being in New York, I also contemplated a spider-man style rescue mission, descending through the outside. However, located on the 4th floor (with a rusty 19th century fire escape), I quickly ruled out attempts to exit through a window, with or without spider man. The situation demanded a superhero-free solution, which is why I called Dumpling Man and ordered delivery. The delivery man was persuaded to remove the key from the lock, and not only did he save me, he also delivered the best dumplings in NYC. A…

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