Particularly when he is single, a modern gentleman might have to attend social functions alone.

After many instances of waiting nervously outside ballrooms for glimpses of anyone inside with whom he is acquainted, a modern gentleman knows the most difficult part of such an undertaking is crossing the threshold.

In this — and only this — Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards) of Seinfeld provides a sterling example:

Enter confidently, with purpose and vigor.

After that (wearing a rakish smile):

  • Stop short and quickly scan the space;
  • Head directly to the serving table or bar, while there:
    • order a drink and/or pick up a dessert (a modern gentleman does not eat meals that are catered and needs to keep his hands and mouth free for introductions and his plate light in case a speedy exit becomes necessary) and
    • zero in on a familiar face or unoccupied table;
  • Walk briskly to the destination to either engage in polite chitchat or sit, with chair away from the table and back toward a wall with an open posture that invites others to join this mysterious and intriguing attendee.

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