is there a “Spanish Step by Step”?

A Guy's Moleskine Notebook

Since completion of French 1 at l’Alliance Française last fall, I haven’t been able to schedule the subsequent course due to scheduling conflicts. Business and leisure trips conflicted with the spring term. In addition to reviewing course materials from French 1, I’ve been reading and studying the book called French Step by Step by Charles Berlitz.

I picked this one because Berlitz is a linguist. I don’t particularly care for this book as an instructional book. However, it is an excellent way to figure out how to translate from English to French. I used this book by covering up the French sentence and the phonetic sentence so only the English sentence showed and then translated it into French. It is excellent for what it is written to do: teaching the everyday language that you need in order to make yourself understood in France. When I was in France last summer…

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