Although Bree Turner has a lengthy filmography, her movie roles did not explain why her face rang such a bell. Then I saw that she was formerly blond and played thirsty mean-girl Tina on truly classic episodes of "Undressed." (I should not admit this to anyone.)

If a beautiful actress of a certain age looks inexplicably familiar, a modern gentleman can safely assume she appeared in at least a few episodes of this seriocomedy about sex, which targeted teenage viewers of MTV from 1999 to 2002.


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4 responses to ““Undressed””

  1. kneelingbus says :

    There was one summer in high school when I watched so many episodes of that show.

    • Nichol Caddingham says :

      watching it for the sophisticated storytelling, I’m sure.

    • Nichol Caddingham says :

      But I feel you … during “Undressed” marathons, you lost complete track of time, which I think was part of MTV’s brilliant scheme. was it that the commercial breaks were integral or that episodes weren’t the typical 30 minutes? I’d accidentally watch for hours to see if the subplot I actually cared about would return.

      • kneelingbus says :

        I might be imagining this but it seemed like the cast changed completely from episode to episode. And the sets made it seem like they all lived in one huge apartment with 20 different rooms. What a great show.

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