Lychee Black Tea

I was taken in by the intricate scrollwork, seal of quality and canister as well as its position on the shelf at Chong's Oriental Market in Columbia, Missouri.

This tea sat neglected at the back of a modern gentleman’s cupboard for more than 1.5 years. Purchasing Golden Sail’s lychee black tea primarily for its packaging, a modern gentleman believed he would not drink it for all the (other) tea in China because the smell of the loose leaves was overpowering and unappealing.

He had brewed a cup once and found it too strong and acrid. He vowed never to drink it again.

Then, quite unexpectedly, he ran out of alternatives. Desperate, he thought: Perhaps it was the method of brewing and not the tea itself that made it so distasteful.

A modern gentleman decided to brew his lychee black tea as he would coffee, putting three tablespoons of the leaves and two mugfuls of water in his percolator.

The result was delicious and quite possibly his new favorite caffeinated hot beverage.


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