Modern Gentlemen …

If I have not responded to an email, it is because I have not yet had a chance to read it or didn't feel it required response.

… never ask, “Did you get my email?”

It is not 1996, so an email has been received and most likely read.

This question is a passive-aggressive opening to an interrogation that includes — whether articulated or not — the questions:

  • What are you going to do about it?
  • When and how will it be done?
  • and — the biggest question of all — Why did you not respond?

Modern gentlemen assume their emails have been received and read. Therefore, they move these conversations forward when they see recipients in person, asking questions to which they actually want answers.


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2 responses to “Modern Gentlemen …”

  1. lavendache says :

    doesn’t apply to every country. mine is developing and sometimes important emails don’t get read in time, requiring the sender to inquire the recipient. sometimes they also don’t bother to respond that they have received the email, making the sender worried that it might get lost in their junk mail or something. not asking in my country’s case will probably complicate things and invite communication breakdown.

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