Fed Up’s Manly Kitchen Essentials

I know next to nothing about cooking things besides frozen pizza but don’t have to as long as I continue reblogging posts from “Fed Up” … added bonus: I might eventually learn something about the subject by doing so.

Fed Up Food

Here at Fed Up HQ we have figured out that there are several essential things every tough-guy kitchen needs. Make sure your kitchen arsenal has these, and you will be armed for everything. This includes everything from saving yourself the disgrace of making a bad meal, to allowing you to make good grub faster so you can stuff your face sooner.

1.Plenty of Seasoning: Lets face it, we are all going to ruin food at least once, and for those times, a good batch of seasoning can come to the rescue. Cover up that burnt taste with some quality BBQ flavors, or if those steamed vegetables became a little too water-logged, then a good lemon pepper or Cajun spice can save you from blandness. The Fed Up kitchen relies heavily on a home-made batch of “swamp-dust,” a seasoning made with plenty of garlic, paprika, black pepper and other goodness. The…

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One response to “Fed Up’s Manly Kitchen Essentials”

  1. Mr. Fed Up says :

    Glad you like the post. Your site rocks!

    I know next to nothing about being a “gentle man”…but hopefully your site will educate me. I know that Mrs. Fed Up would be very happy if I got some etiquette and sophistication in me! (I still don’t know how to tie a tie, and sandals are my formal form of footwear)

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