@Horse_ebooks and Twitter, Growing Up Together

Typically, @Horse_ebooks isn’t something I’d care about, but I’ve been persuaded otherwise … this is worth a read, and I’m biased against blog posts approaching 1,000 words.

Kneeling Bus

A meme is only as good as the number of people who care about it—if no one’s aware of the meme, then it’s not one. Thankfully, the infrastructure that delivers memes to our computer screens increasingly quantifies their significance through hit counts, relevance scores, and follower totals. Without the context those numbers provide, I wouldn’t know whether @Horse_ebooks is my own fever dream, a weird Internet accident that amuses a handful of Twitter users, or a far-reaching phenomenon, LOLed at by tens of thousands. Thanks to the evidence available, I can confirm that it is indeed the latter: At the time of this writing, @Horse_ebooks commands a braggable 62,476 Twitter followers (including myself), with 934 having retweeted its most popular tweet—“Dear reader, You are reading.” Klout, a website that measures influence on Twitter, gives @Horse_ebooks a score of 76 (influential about topics: Horses, eBooks, Knives), higher than famous athlete

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