Reptilian Tuesday #30

reptiles! I love that there is a blog out there that has a regular feature like this. (I know what I will be reading every Tuesday from now on.)

The Adventures of Ellie and Edmond


It’s that time of the week when we meet a reptile and that can only mean it is Reptilian Tuesday! We’re going to the land down under today mates to meet a very beautiful snake! Do you have your Australian accent ready? Let’s go!


   Range/Habitat: South New Guinea-Australia/ rainforest-scrub-desert

   Diet: Carnivore: lizards, birds, small mammals

   Length: 6 ½ ft

   Conservation Status: common



Fun Facts:

  • Carpet Python have bold patterns of gray, reddish brown and black.
  • Carpet pythons live in all kinds of habits.
  • They have many different color variations.
  • They are active day and night.
  • Carpet pythons are non-venomous constrictors.
  • They are semi-arboreal (spend part of their lives in trees).

Well mates, don’t you think these pythons are gorgeous! We think nature has some of the patterns out there, way better than any paisley we’ve seen!…

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