Man Without a County

Currently, I am ambivalent to my hometown, something I never thought possible.

A loud and proud Nebraskan — well, Omahan — for nearly 30 years, I haven’t lived there all that time. In fact, during the last decade I have spent only about a year as a resident. But it is home, and I never once considered changing my affiliation to Illinois, Connecticut, Florida, or any of the other states I have lived.

But I’m beginning to wonder what Nebraska has done for me lately. Douglas County rewarded my canvassing efforts by contributing one vote to President Barack Obama’s total in the Electoral College but still elected Lee Terry to Congress.

There should be some benefits associated with my steadfastness. Meanwhile, maintaining permanent residency in Nebraska has become more than an inconvenience. It is a liability as I continue my education at the University of Missouri, where — though I have resided and paid taxes in Boone County more than three years — I am charged out-of-state tuition.


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