Conversation sometimes requires a modern gentleman hypothesize about his odds of survival in the aftermath of some cataclysm or other.

Most recently, the scenario involved a zombie apocalypse — which he imagines looks something like this :

After determining he would want to carry on against all odds, he realized a sustainable survival strategy requires a team.

What are the characteristics of this group?

It was no good focusing on areas of expertise because the group ballooned beyond the five members a modern gentleman thought was big enough to provide security and stability but small enough to move and make decisions quickly.

In short : Everyone must be a generalist with the capacity and willingness to master new skills in an ever-changing environment.

So he worked backward from such a group. The Caddinghams can survive anything and seem to emerge stronger from each such experience.

What trait do they have in common?

Grit, each Caddingham is composed of 100 pounds of it.

All the intelligence, creativity, technical skills and military training in the world mean nothing without the wherewithal to use them.


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