My preferred notebook is an unlined Moleskine. My first such journal chronicled my experiences in Evanston, Illinois, and Hartford, Connecticut, from 2006 to 2007 or so.

A modern gentleman keeps a journal that he should probably never flip back through.

Rereading one of mine from five years ago, I discovered I must have been sad:

I could only commit suicide during the months the United States observes standard time because if I died during Daylight Savings Time, I’ve been cheated of an hour I won’t get back until October … Although I could kill myself year-round in Arizona, where Daylight Savings Time isn’t observed.

But I was also funnier:

I’m planning to pitch a show called Dino Docs that features surgeries performed on and by dinosaurs.

And a lot of my entries were bits of dialogue among a group of people, which is a bit strange.


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