A New Kind of Superhero

A modern gentleman enjoys graphic novels but tends to lose interest in series because the criminals regularly combated do not spark his ire — so the accomplishments of the heroes seem less than righteous or even completely misguided.

Sure, Kingpin and Norman Osborn are businessmen of dubious moral characters, but they are rare among comic book villains.

  • Batman’s time would be better spent as Bruce Wayne, donating millions to upgrade the security systems and treatment facilities of Arkham Asylum. Instead, he antagonizes its escapees.
  • X-Men fight one another rather than taking over the world and making Gambit its king.
  • If Superman applied his alien abilities to business, his wind and solar energy companies (which profit because of his superhuman breath and heat vision) could easily put LexCorp out of business.

A modern gentleman would read about the characters (poorly) drawn below:

Harvey Li turned out alright, but Robbie Hood looked much cooler in my imagination.

  • Harvey Li works on Capitol Hill as the press secretary for a powerful Senator and uses her intelligence and connections to ensure he and others vote as she thinks they should, which is generally in the best interest of the public. To her, the ends justify the means. This has led her to, on occasion, commit felonies such as breaking and entering, blackmailing and racketeering.
  • Robbie “Rob” Hood is an accountant who spends his free time obtaining the financial information of corporations, executives and government officials to expose bad practices and corruption. He then administers punishments befitting their crimes.

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