Alfred Hitchcock

Hitchcock and Kim Novak

"Blondes make the best victims. They're like virgin snow that shows up the bloody footprints." — Alfred Hitchcock

A modern gentleman is quotable, combining wit and wisdom.

There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.

Revenge is sweet and not fattening.

I have a perfect cure for a sore throat: Cut it.

There is nothing quite so good as burial at sea. It is simple, tidy, and not very incriminating.

What is drama but life with the dull bits cut out?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, watch a good movie with loved ones while recuperating from overeating. If unsure what qualifies as a good movie that will entertain a cousin without confusing a grandmother who is hard of hearing, Mr. Hitchcock spoke about that as well:

If it’s a good movie, the sound could go off and the audience would still have a perfectly clear idea of what was going on.


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