Modern Gentlemen …

This graphic provides a snapshot of Generation Y.

… don’t want pity from parents citing psuedo-scientific economic models that project Millennials will be the first generation in 100 years not to live as well as — or better — than the generation before.

They can list a handful of reasons why their parents’ concern would be directed elsewhere, such as Haiti or Joplin, Mo.:

  • Modern gentlemen don’t know what the phrase “live as well as — for better — ” means and suspect their parents don’t either.
  • Modern gentlemen want to live good lives, whether or not that affords them houses in the suburbs with two-car garages and early retirements.
  • Like weathermen, economists have limited prognostic power.
  • They’re content. A little more might be better, but less probably would be fine.
  • Modern gentlemen prefer sympathy to pity because the latter is idle anguish. With sympathy comes some ability or willingness to help a situation.
  • Modern gentlemen cannot be pitied by those they pity for their, among other things, adherence to outmoded paradigms.

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