Axe Shower Gel

Axe does not just manufacture noxious body sprays.

After my parents visited my house, I found an unopened bottle of Axe Shower Gel in my bathroom.

My mother said it was on sale, but I also suspect she thinks I’m more apt to find a wife if I were less retiring and bookish and more, well, like the kind of juiceheaded libertine who uses Axe products.

Despite my annoyance, it didn’t want it to go to waste. I used it. And I rather enjoyed the experience.

It’s a good product that smells nothing like the aerosol colognes so popular among boys at my junior high school.

Thus I must begrudgingly admit that somewhere between Irish Spring bar soap and Axe Shower Gel — and perhaps closer to the latter — is where the hygiene product befitting a modern gentleman lies.


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