Modern Gentlemen …

… regularly read blogs.

Modern gentlemen keep up with the news as well as the views available on subjects about which the writers of these blogs are expert.


This is an example of the visual representations that accompany 538's quantitative analyses.

Nate Silver at 538 contextualizes data, generally about elections but also about sports.

Social Commentary

Whether about cats, technology or 'Twilight,' this blog's perspective is spot on.

The comics at The Oatmeal reveal the most hilarious/depressing aspects of life in today’s America.


Indeed, these eggs have been sent by the Devil to encourage the worship of false idols.

Serious Eats is a serious resource for the seriously delicious.


Pharrell knows how to dress.

Gentlemen know how to dress, drawing inspiration from people, rather than display windows. This Is Not New provides examples of fashionable men, be they models or regular Joes.

Other Recommendations

AdAge Statistics: The premier source for consumer research analyzes their data.

Consumerist: Cautionary tales from around the globe are submitted to this blog to warn others.

Hip Hops: The beer column of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch provides news and reviews of the city’s burgeoning local beer industry.

Ask a Spy: This video blog provides useful tips from Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan), the main character of ‘Burn Notice.’

Kinfolk: This magazine shares ideas for hosting small get-togethers.

TV Club: The best reviews of television and movies are available from the entertainment arm of America’s Finest News Source.

Blog to Avoid

Huffington Post: Read its content anywhere else, as its business model relies on parasitism from legitimate news sources and blogs as well as free labor.


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