The End

Maybe because:

1. the majority of my traffic comes from a single mention of Joel Osteen (a fleeting expletive) months ago;

2. the novelty has worn off and I cannot justify expending such energy on something I no longer enjoy;

3. I realize that with all the improvements I require, I am hardly the person to dispense advice;


4. the previous three reasons have merged into an unholy agglomeration that nags my very soul,

this is my last post.

I am not gone from the Internet forever; I will certainly start another project in future. For now though, this is just too much fucking work: Improving himself is task enough for the modern gentleman without also offering guidance to others who care not to heed it.

I have not any answers, for myself nor anyone else.



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3 responses to “The End”

  1. Melanie Kahl says :

    An ominous day to announce your blog’s end. It will be missed.

  2. Louis says :

    I am very very very distraught. You realize that I check your blog at least twice a week. Sarah feels that yours is the only blog that has ever been worth reading regularly. And I agree. At least write us emails once a week so we can continue to access your wit and intelligence.

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