A Resolution

Homer and Lisa quote

Lisa: Dad, here's a thought. If you just gave Mom credit, maybe she could help you. Homer: Sweetie, you don't understand. If I can do this myself, then all those lies I told will be true. Don't you want Daddy's lies to be true?

Should a gentleman be so beset, he has but two options:

1. Reveal all to those misled.

2. Adjust his actions to adhere to those misconceptions and, paraphrasing Mr. Simpson, make those lies true.

Generally, the first course succeeds only in relieving the conscience of the gentleman and can harm those deceived, especially if they were blissfully ignorant of such.

The second course is more aggressive. Although, if discovered, the counter-feint appears desperate and remiss, it also reveals the steely resolve and enterprising spirit of a gentleman.

For these reasons, and because it nicely dovetails another point, I have chosen the latter course.


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