Yesterday, I neglected to leave my server a tip here.

Yesterday, confused by the amount of tip I should leave when paying at the register for a Root Beer Float that cost $4.93, I neglected to give my server any gratuity.

Thus, I have devised a couple of rules for small tips:

1. For restaurant bills, or those of any service business where tipping is customary, less than $3.37, leave $.50. In most instances, the change received upon paying the bill will exceed this minimum payment; in the event it does not, break a bill, or just keep a quarter or two handy.

2. For bills between $3.36 and $6.71, leave $1.

3. For any bill over $6.70, figure the tip and leave the amount to the nearest $.50 (the instances when this results in tips slightly greater than 15% will balance those instances resulting in tips slightly less than 15%).


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